The NU Math

Embrace the NU

What is the NU Math?

A different way to look at digital marketing. To grow your business, you need prospecting solutions that are designed to maximize the number of new and lapsed users who visit your site.

Why NU Math now?

Because an integrated, full-funnel approach to online marketing is the only way to grow your site. We've heard too many stories of remarketing that simply won't scale trying to target only recent site visitors. Engaging the entire funnel allows online marketers to scale their campaigns, grow their site audience, and maximize their revenue.

How does Akamai know NU Math?

Because Akamai delivers ~ 30% of all Web traffic each day. We see who is online, where they shop, and how they browse. This proprietary data allows Akamai to execute real-time online marketing campaigns that drive site growth to fuel downstream revenue impact for your business.

Game Commentary
Fresh Fish and Fresh Data
Fresh Fish & Fresh Data

Your customers act in real-time – your data should, too

Corn, Watermelon and Customer Engagement
Corn, Watermelon and Customer Engagement

Use the customer engagement model to drive intelligent segmentation and messaging, channel strategy, and maximized conversions.

The Case for Imagination
The Case for Imagination

Spongebob & Online Marketing

Are You Hunting or Farming?
Are You Hunting or Farming?

Find new customers & retain existing ones.